15 Easy Chess Puzzles For Beginners

Most chess games by beginners are decided by tactical combinations. No matter how good your strategic and positional understanding is, if you blunder a piece, you’ll probably lose the game. Similarly, you can save a losing position if you know how to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes. If you want to consistently spot tactics in … Read more

Chess Forks: What Every Beginner MUST Know About Forks

Most chess games are decided by tactical combinations. Knowing the fundamental chess tactics and how to use them in your games is a sure way to become better at the game. Forks are one of the most basic chess tactics. It only takes a few minutes to understand what forks are and how to use … Read more

4 Basic Chess Tactics For Beginners

Did you know that most chess games by beginners are decided by tactical combinations? Winning a piece or a few pawns is almost a guaranteed victory. So before memorizing tons of opening theory, analyzing deep strategical plans, or studying endgames, you want to make sure you have a solid foundation of chess tactics. There is … Read more