Chess Imbalances: The Secret To Forming Winning Plans

Many players have a difficult time finding the right plan in the middlegame, because there are so many moves to choose from. To form a good plan, you should identify and consider all the imbalances in the position. In his book “How to Reassess your Chess“, Jeremy Silman introduced 7 important chess imbalances that you … Read more

Bishop Vs Knight: Which Piece Is Stronger?

Each piece in chess moves differently. And as a result, not every piece is equally powerful. The bishop and the knight move completely different. But unexpectedly, both these pieces are generally considered to be worth the same amount of points. How is that possible, you ask? The answer is that the bishop and knight are … Read more

10 Basic Chess Strategies For Beginners

Many chess games are decided by tactical combinations that win material. But if you want to become better at chess, you should also study the fundamentals of chess strategy. A good understanding of the basic chess strategies will help you to get a positional advantage in your games. And similarly to how “luck favors the … Read more

Passed Pawns: Everything A Beginner MUST Know!

The famous chess player Philidor used to say that the “pawns are the soul of the game“. Which is a saying that still rings true to this day. There are many pawn related concepts and ideas that you need to know to become better at chess. One of them most important themes is the passed … Read more