How To Learn Chess Openings

In chess, the opening refers to the first few moves of the game, when players are establishing their pawn structure and positioning their pieces. The choice of opening can have a significant impact on the course of the game, as it sets the stage for the rest of the position. It’s important to learn chess … Read more

Playing As Black In Chess

You can’t play the white pieces every single chess game. For every game you play as white, you’ll have to play a game as black. Although this might seem like only a tiny difference at first glance, playing as black actually changes everything. Is playing black a disadvantage? If you play with the white pieces, … Read more

The Double Fianchetto Opening: Good or Garbage?

In many modern chess openings you’ll fianchetto one of your bishops. But the double fianchetto opening is actually pretty rare. But if one fianchetto is good, why aren’t two fianchettos even better? Let’s take a closer look at the double fianchetto opening and see if it’s a good opening choice or not. Double fianchetto system … Read more

The Bishop Fianchetto: What, Why, and When?

You might have come across the word “fianchetto” while reading a chess book or listening to chess commentary. A fianchetto refers to a specific way of developing your bishops. And although you might not be familiar with the word, you probably came across a fianchettoed bishop during one of your games already. Let’s go over … Read more

Best Defenses In Chess Against e4 And d4

Most people prefer to play the white pieces because white gets to make the first move and has a statistically higher chance of winning. But that doesn’t mean that you are completely helpless with the black pieces. If you play a solid opening, you can quickly equalize out of the opening and start playing for … Read more

3 Best Chess Gambits For Black

Gambit openings are a great choice if you like to play aggressive chess or want to surprise your opponent. Unfortunately, most of the well-known gambit are only for white. But don’t worry… You can still play a gambit, even if you are playing the black pieces. Here are the three best opening gambits for black … Read more

5 Best Chess Gambits For White

Gambit openings are a great choice if you like to play aggressive chess or want to surprise your opponent. Although you don’t see gambits very often on the grandmaster level, they can still lead to great results for the average player. Of course, not every gambit is theoretically sound and quite a lot of them … Read more

What Is A Gambit In Chess?

If you studied chess openings before, you might have come across the word “gambit”. A gambit in chess is an opening in which one of the players sacrifices material to gain a different type of advantage. Most gambits sacrifice a pawn, but it’s also possible to sacrifice multiple pawns or even a minor piece. Both … Read more

Best Queen’s Pawn Openings For White And Black

The move d4 is the second most common way to white to start the game. So it’s important to know the basic queen’s pawn opening theory and variations. Games that start with d4 are normally slightly slower and more positional compared to e4 openings. Depending on your personal preference, a d4 opening might suit you … Read more