How Many Pieces Are There In A Chess Set?

You can find lots of different pieces on a chess board, each with their own unique appearance, name, movement pattern, and value. There should be at least 32 pieces in a chess set. But some chess sets can come with extra pieces as well. Of course, you need all 32 pieces to play a game … Read more

Chess Board Dimensions & Sizes

Chess boards and pieces come in various sizes. Although you can play with any board, the standard chess board used for FIDE events is 16″ to 19″ in size. If the chess board is either too small or too big, it becomes more difficult to move the pieces around and see on which square each … Read more

How To Set Up A Chess Board (With Pictures!)

When starting a new game of chess, the first thing you’ll have to do is to set up the chess board with all the pieces. This might sound trivial, but I often see beginners placing some of the chess pieces on the wrong starting squares. So if you want to learn how to play chess, … Read more