How To Get A FIDE Rating In 4 Simple Steps

FIDE is the international chess organization that is in charge of organizing all the important international tournaments and keeping track of the FIDE ratings. If you have been playing chess at a local club, you probably already have a national chess rating. However, since the rating system varies from country to country, the FIDE ratings … Read more

Playing As Black In Chess

You can’t play the white pieces every single chess game. For every game you play as white, you’ll have to play a game as black. Although this might seem like only a tiny difference at first glance, playing as black actually changes everything. Is playing black a disadvantage? If you play with the white pieces, … Read more

9 Reasons Why The Rook Is Better Than The Knight

The rook is worth 5 points, while the knight is only worth 3 points. This is because the rook and knight move completely differently. But why is the linear movement of the rook so much better than the hopping of the knight? Let’s go over all the reasons why a rook is more valuable than … Read more

8 Reasons Why The Rook Is Better Than The Bishop

The numerical value of each piece is one of the first thing you learn when you pick up chess. A rook is worth 5 points and a bishop only worth 3 points. But why is the rook better than the bishop? The rook moves linearly and the bishop moves diagonally. So how can the rook … Read more

How To Win at Chess Every Time In 15 Simple Steps!

Chess is simple to learn, but hard to master. And even after hundreds of years, people are still trying to find the best way to play the game. Fortunately, as a casual player, you won’t have to worry about tiny details. Here are 15 simple tips that any beginner can use to win more chess … Read more

Why Am I So Bad At Chess?!

Although chess can be incredibly fun, it can also be extremely frustrating from time to time. Especially if you lose several games in a row and you start to feel like you will never win a chess game again, you might start to wonder: “why am I so bad at chess?!” Learning how to play … Read more

Average Centipawn Loss Explained For Beginners

If you have tried to analyze one of your own games with a chess engine before, you might have come across the term centipawn loss. The centipawn can be used to evaluate the accuracy of your moves compared to the best move in the position. A low average centipawn loss indicates very good play, whereas … Read more

Average, Good, And Grandmaster Chess Ratings

Every chess player is assigned a rating to indicate how good they are at the game, which makes it easier to find players of a similar strength. If you win a lot, your rating goes up. And if you lose a lot, your rating goes down. But what is the rating of an average chess … Read more

What Is A Super Grandmaster In Chess?

Any aspiring chess player dreams to become a grandmaster one day. But if you are REALLY good at the game, you might even become a super grandmaster one day. Not sure what the difference is between these two titles? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see exactly what a super grandmaster is and … Read more

Chess Piece Symbolism: What Do The Pieces Represent?!

You can find 6 different pieces on the chess board. And behind each piece you can find interesting history, meaning, and symbolism. So let’s take a closer look at what each piece looks like, what the piece represents, and how strong it is on the chess board. King What does the king look like in … Read more