Castling In Chess: All The Rules Explained Simply

Castling might be one of the best moves in all of chess. It lets you move two pieces simultaneously and will normally place your king in a safe position for the rest of the game. Someone that doesn’t know the castling move might even accuse you of cheating when he/she sees it for the first … Read more

How Does The Bishop Move In Chess?

The bishop is one of the most interesting pieces on the chessboard, because it’s the only piece that can’t access all the squares on the board. Moreover, it’s a very long range piece that can excel in open positions, but can also feel completely useless in closed positions. Learning how the bishop moves is the … Read more

How Does The Knight Move In Chess?

Among all the different pieces on the chess board, the knights are the most difficult to master. Unlike all other pieces, they don’t move in straight lines, but rather in an L shape. This strange movement can be tricky to get used to. So in this article I’ll help you understand how the knight moves, … Read more